2005-2015 Tacoma Tail Gate Reinforcement

Its a well known fact that the tail gate on the 2005-2015 Tacoma is lacking some metal and bends easily under load. Simply loading an ATV, motorcycle, or garden equipment can bend the tail gate of these trucks before you even realize what is happening.

The solution? Replace the plastic tailgate cover with some real metal!

We're the original reinforcement on the market. Our tail gate reinforcement plates are CNC cut and then precision formed on a CNC press brake for a tight factory-like fit. The end result is a more solid feeling and slightly heavier tail gate that is much stronger, and leaves the user with little worry of bending it under the most common loads. Don't fall for the flat or ribbed 2-piece plates from some of our competitors. The one piece design with multiple formed edges add far more rigidity and strength to the part!


Easily mounts with factory screws, though we do recommend purchasing 8x) PN 90166-60003 screws for a more flush fit to replace the upper shouldered screws. Required install tools are only a torx bit for the screws holding the cover on.

Please note that these reinforcement plates are formed from sheet metal and therefore are not as thick as the factory molded plastic cap, tonneau covers and canopies may not seal the same as they did with the factory cap and adjustments are likely necessary to those seals


Please note that we try to keep these in stock, however they will be made to order if we run out of stock. When listed as 'backordered', manufacturing time for a new batch takes 1-3 weeks to fabricate before shipping for bare reinforcements and powder coated orders should allow an extra 2-3 weeks depending on the coaters' schedule. 

Backordered reinforcement plates usually ship in 2-6 weeks total after ordering! In-stock reinforcements usually ship within 5 business days. Thanks


$ 169.00

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