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Hi everyone! 

As many of you may know we have struggled in the past with lengthy lead times for all our bumpers. 

We want to let everyone know we appreciate all your patience with us as we have implemented HUGE changes in our NEW shop to cut our old 6 month lead time in HALF! *Jumps for joy* 

To all our past and current customers, future customers while we are at it... you guys all mean the world to us! It is hard to even express in words how much we appreciate everyone sticking by our side through thick and thin. Through everything, even though lead times were long our quality has never stopped impressing. 

Our current lead time on all new bumper orders is 10-15 weeks. Again this is HALF of what our past lead times have been. 

Some things that have made this possible for us have been moving into a much larger shop. By much larger I mean over twice the size! It took a hot minute to get everything up and running again, but boy are we running now! Better and more efficient than ever with the help of our hardworking new staff members. None of this would be possible without them. 

We also were able to get our hands on some handy new tools allowing us to make everything IN HOUSE! That's right, we make everything right here in our Sparks, NV shop. Don't believe me? Stop by and take a look for yourself! 

I am also happy to say that with our quick new turn around times quality has not been sacrificed. All our products are over seen by the "boss", Eric. NOTHING goes out our doors subpar. Every bumper is put through strict quality control to make sure not one is lesser than the other. 

With that said, who's ready to place their next order?

Check out some of our favorite work below:


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