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5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper and Ditch Light Brackets a GO

5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper and Ditch Light Brackets a GO

This past weekend we had the pleasure of finally getting our hands on a 5th generation 4Runner to design a front bumper unlike any others! 

In the process we were able to make a new friend, Ruston from Overlanding USA. If you haven't heard of him I recommend checking out his website and his Instagram OverlandingUSA. He let us borrow his 4Runner for the weekend while we got designing on the new front bumper! 

Take a look at some of the photos below from the design process. 




When designing any bumper we want to make sure it actually fits the vehicle, and not just from a mounting stand point. It has to look like it belongs on the vehicle. We pride ourselves on top not design quality and aesthetics. Our bumpers are precisely measured to ensure we make the most of the vehicles natural body lines and help enhance them anyway we can with our bumper design and tubing. 

While in the midst of designing the bumper we were also able to make a hood hinge ditch light bracket similar to our best selling brackets for the 05-15 Tacoma. Do you go off-roading? Maybe you do some overlanding? Or just some mild camping. These mounts are made for you! Light your path or campsite with your favorite Rigid lights using these mounts. With easy installation you can't go wrong. 


Looking for more information on these brackets? Check them out HERE

Until next time, 

The Relentless Fam

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