03-09 4Runner Running Rails

One of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle when going off-road is your rocker panels. Be it a rock, log, branch, or even just that dirt pile you’re driving over, anything hitting your lower rocker panels can cause some serious and unsightly damage before you even realize what is happening.

You say you have a set of factory or aftermarket tube steps installed and wonder why you’d need a set of Relentless running rails? Well, you probably think those factory plastic running boards will do the job of fending off the damage…. Turns out you’d be very wrong! In fact, the factory running boards can actually lead to more damage on the vehicle once they begin to give way to that trail obstacle.

So what you need is some affordable protection that welds directly to your vehicle’s frame! Relentless Fab Running rails will do the job through years of abuse and punishment, all while complimenting your vehicles looks. Not only will they fend off damage from trail obstacles, they can also serve as a hi-lift jacking point anywhere along their length. Further, they can be used as steps to get in or out of the vehicle, or to aid in accessing a roof rack. Maybe you aren’t even one of those hardcore off-roaders? Well, they’ll still help protect your vehicle from runaway shopping carts, or the door of the car that would have been carelessly flung open right into the side of your truck while at the hardware store. 



Key Features:
- Made from 2” square x.120” steel tube and 1.75” x.120" wall round outer tube structure.

- oversized 3/16” thick CNC cut gussets and frame plates.

- Sold as a pair of rails (driver and passenger sides, side specific).

- Includes 14ga steel dimpled filler plates standard

- Weld on only. Not compatible with XREAS


***Rails are made to order, and typical lead time is 3-5 months depending on current shop work load.***

$ 559.00

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